Pearl Masters Custom MMX Black Mist Drum Kit
10", 12", 13", 15",16" Rack Toms
22"x18" Bass Drum
Pearl Masters Custom MMX Opal White Drum Kit
12" Tom
14" Floor Tom
20"x16" Bass Drum
14x 6 1/2 Masters Custom Snare
14x 3 1/2 Free Floating Brass Snare
22" Signature Dry Dark Ride
21" Signature Dark Energy Ride Mark I
14" Signature Sound Edge Hi-Hat
​15" 2002 Black Big Beat Hi-Hat
18",19",22" 2002 Black Big Beat
16" PSTX Swiss Thin Crash
20" Signature Heavy China
6",8",10",12" Signature Splash
8" Signature Bell
8" Vision Cup Chime
Pinstripe Coated top
Ambassador Coated Bottom
Powerstroke P3 Snare
Powerstroke P3 Bass Drum
Hickory 747 "Rock" Wood Tip
Roland TD-20 Electronic Drums
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